Culture and traditions of Bali and Indonesia

General information about the culture and traditions in Bali


Religions and Holidays


During your stay in Bali, you will see that the Balinese mainly practice Hinduism, unlike the other Indonesian islands which practice Islam. In Bali, every day, we can see the graceful processions of Balinese men and women. The women wore their most beautiful sarongs, a small belt tied around the waist. With their heads held high, they carry dizzying pyramids of cakes, multicolored flowers and fruit, fantastic mounted pieces that will live only in the space of a prayer. In the evening, in the courtyard of the Palace of Ubud (a small city in central Bali), enjoy the magical spectacle of a representation of legong, this traditional dance performed by small “celestial nymphs” to the throbbing music of a gamelan.

Calendar festivities 2020 in Bali

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Balinese gastronomy is particularly rich and varied. The national dish is nasi goreng, based on fried rice with pieces of meat, vegetables and eggs. In bakmi goreng, rice is replaced by fried noodles. Sates are small meat skewers, grilled over a wood fire. They are usually sprinkled with a peanut-based sauce. We also eat fresh tuna, crab, lobster, avocado salads, as well as babi guling [[cochon de lait rôti]], bebek betutu [[canard au miel]] which are the island’s specialties. The fruits are numerous and tasty: mangoes, pineapples, papayas (which make excellent juices!), guavas and lychees can be found along the busy streets or in the markets.



In Bali and all over Indonesia, we drive on the left. Be careful, the westerns reflex is to look left before crossing, force yourself to look right! The Highway Code is not always respected so be very careful! If you wish to rent a vehicle (scooter or car) you will need an international permit (to be requested before your departure from your prefecture). However, we advise you to rent a car with driver for your peace of mind.

Shopping / Container


Many handicrafts are available in Bali. Wide choice, from antique pieces to new products. Wide choice, from antique pieces to new products. They are made of teak, coconut, bamboo, rattan banana leaf or other exotic woods. Textiles and leathers, glass and metalwork are also used to the delight of exporters. If you plan to make a container, because of the cost of transport, it is interesting to group together. Please contact Bali Decofor more information.



The currency unit is the Indonesian Rupiah, commonly known as Rupiah (IDR). At the time we publish this website USD$ 1 = IDR 14,000. You can enter and exit the territory with as many currencies as you wish and change it anywhere in Bali. Please note, travelers cheque are not accepted everywhere. The credit card is also useful for withdrawing money in the tourist part of the island (minimum commission of 3%). Remember to check carefully before your departure that the withdrawal limit is sufficient for your personal expenses. We are at your disposal to assist you in all your exchange procedures on the spot – beware of unauthorized “Money Changers”.



  • Always remember to put on sunscreen before going out, even on cloudy days.
  • Do not overuse of air conditioning, temperature changes can be uncomfortable and your body will feel it.
  • Don’t drink too cold, your stomach may be weak, and you don’t always know where the ice cubes are coming from.
  • Take the reflex to drink bottled mineral water, do not drink tap water. It is very easy to buy bottles of fresh water on every street corner. However, you can of course wash your teeth under running water.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables before consuming them. If possible, avoid raw vegetables.



Unlike in France, tipping is a tradition. Of course, you don’t have to leave a little something for your guide, driver, waiter, etc. But don’t hesitate if you are satisfied with the service and / or service.

Time difference


Bali is 6 hours ahead of France in summer and 7 hours in winter.

When to go?


Due to a mild equatorial climate, the dry and humid seasons are not very marked on Bali. Hotel prices are increased during the high season (December 15-January 10 and July 1 to September 15). The temperature varies from 25 ° to 32 ° all year round.

Telephone code


  • France-Indonesia: 00 62
  • Indonesia-France: 00 33

In bars, nightclubs and on the street, the police sometimes carry out random inspections. The use or possession of drugs in Indonesia is illegal. There is a Zero Tolerance policy for illegal drugs! You can pay heavy fines or worse, go to jail!

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