Volcanoes in Bali and Indonesia

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Mount Batur


Mount Batur is Bali’s second largest volcano (1,717 meters). It is located in the northeast of the island and is still active today. It consists of a vast caldera overlooking a lake of the same name Moderate hiking, count 3 hours round trip Add an extra hour if you wish to go around the main crater, and 3 hours if you wish to go around the ridges. Generally the departure is around 4:30 am. DDon’t forget to bring warm and waterproof clothing, water, food and a flashlight.

Mount Agung


Mount Agung, in the east of Bali, is the highest point of the island, at 3,142 meters. It can be reached from the Besakih Temple, a 9-hour round trip walk. You can also leave Selat via the Merchants’ Temple, which takes about 6 hours. If you are lucky, you will be able to see Bali and Mount Rijani in Lombok at daybreak. The trail is difficult, so bring good walking shoes, warm clothing, a headlamp, water and food. A good physical condition is required.

The Kawah Ijen


On the east side of Java there is the sulfur quarry of the volcano Kawah Ijien, located at 2,200 meters Guests love it! In the center there is a beautiful acid lake. . You won’t miss meeting the sulphur porters The hike is easy: 2 short hours round trip . Single tennis courts are enough. Also bring a sarong, water and a mask to protect yourself from the sulphur vapors if you want to go down into the crater. To get there from Bali, first take the ferry (45 minutes crossing) and then take a jeep that will take you to the starting point.

Mount Bromo


It is the most visited volcano in Indonesia, you can reach it by jeep or horse cart from the sea of sand. The panorama of the neighbouring volcanoes – Semeru and Batok – at sunrise is worth the trip! Hiking is very easy: simple tennis shoes are enough.

Mount Rinjani


At 3,726 meters above sea level, the Rinjani volcano is the second highest peak in Indonesia A guide and porters are required . The departure is from Senaru, north of Lombok It takes 2 nights and 3 days to reach the summit . It is also possible to do it in 1 night and 2 days by spending the night near the Segara Anak Lake As the hike is difficult, you should bring walking shoes, warm clothes and batteries for your lamp Tents and sleeping bags are provided A good physical condition is necessary. Attention ! The climbing is only possible during the dry season (April to October).

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