The beauty of Mount Agung in Bali

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The beauty of Mount Agung in Bali

During your stay in Bali, you can see the highest mountain in Bali from Sidemen, Amed or Lembongan.

The highest mountain of the island stands beautifully on the east coast of Bali: Gunung Agung or Mount Agung, which is located in the district of Karangasem. With its 3531-meter high summit above sea level, Mount Agung influences the climate of the surrounding area. Its western hillsides capture rain clouds making the west side green and fertile, while its eastern hillsides remain dry and barren.


Although Mt. Agung inspires peace and tranquility, nevertheless, after 100 years of sleep, on March 17, 1963, the volcano exploded violently, throwing ash and volcanic material 8 to 10 km high into the air as pyroclastic clouds descended on all sides of the mountain. More than a thousand people lost their lives that day. And the whole area up to the Kintamani was covered for months with deep gray ashes. But surprisingly, the ash brought fertility and large sweet potatoes grew from the volcanic material.



Today, however, the landscape has become green and fertile again, and Mount Agung has become a difficult mountain to climb. Hikers can follow two routes, the steepest and most difficult being the one that passes right next to Pura Besakih.

The second is along its southern summit, from Pura Pasar Agung. Reaching the summit, one has a magnificent view of Bali with to the east the island of Lombok and its own volcanic peak, Mount Rinjani.










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