Information about Bali and the other islands of Indonesia

Bali is one of 17,504 islands in Indonesia


Indonesia has more than 17,504 islands and it considered as the largest archipelago in the world. One of these islands is Bali, located between Java and Lombok. With an area of 5,620 km² and 4,225 million populations, Bali is one of the 26 provinces of Indonesia, whose capital is called Denpasar.


Bali, the most famous of the islands of the Indonesian archipelago, was discovered by a Dutch traveler in 1597. Since then, it has never ceased to fascinate the West with its landscapes of astonishing beauty, friendly people and amazing preserved traditions. Wherever we go, we found a universe where everyday life holds many surprises. Processions, dances and cremations follow one another in an atmosphere of perpetual celebration, in the shade of volcanoes where the gods sit enthroned. Bali remains, still in the 21st century, “this land chosen by the Gods” whose name evokes the delights of a rediscovered paradise. Bali is certainly one of the last islands in the world which, despite the tourist boom, has not completely sold its soul.



Bali is located in south of the equator. There are two main seasons in Bali; a short hot and humid season and a longer dry season. The rainy season runs from mid-November to mid-March. It generally consists of large showers of hot rain, especially on the reliefs. It is however interesting to discover Bali at that time since there are very few tourists. The other months are considered to the dry season.

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